1. AAUVDS MY (Trust ) Foundation believes that honesty, dedication, vision, and hardwork are some qualities not exclusive to any particular sector, be they government or non-government / private. There have been some very good initiatives on the part of the government and even some corporate agencies whereas the social sector, which has been known for its outstanding efforts for not only humanity, but also wildlife &the environment, has also been unfortunate to have individuals infamous for their corruption / malpractices. As such, we support all the endeavors that are sincerely aimed at a holistic development of the people and the environment, be it from the government sector or otherwise.


  1. This website has been created basically for sharing our constructive approach and achievements without any intention to personally target any individual or organization/agency. Any apparent description/indication interpreted to be derogatory for any individual or organization / agency might have either some contextual relevance, or be misquoted or misinterpreted. AAUVDS MY (Trust ) Foundation would, however, like to be informed about any irrelevant or otherwise objectionable information that is erroneously placed (if any) here, so that such errors might be rectified. AAUVDS MY (Trust ) Foundation will not be responsible for any controversy that is based on facts/figures not directly compatible / complying with the organisation’s approved mission, vision, perspective plan, or other such guiding principles/documents.


  1. We strongly believe that a team or individual can be quite systematic in activities and at the same time can be comfortable with a relatively informal work environment. AAUVDS MY (Trust ) Foundation encourages systematic and sincere efforts on the part of its employees under such a less informal work environment.


  1. In case of things under multi-stakeholder control, AAUVDS MY (Trust ) Foundation might not have been fully successful in achieving its targets as envisaged originally. We understand our limitations, and accept any such negative deviations that occurred/occurs despite our earnestness. We carry out both internal and external evaluation of our activities so as to understand our bottlenecks with an intention to overcome those hurdles for more effective & greater achievements.


  1. The responsibility for data / information collected from secondary sources, if found erroneous, rests with the source itself.